Gas stations

For our company needs, we have a gas station right in our grounds.


Čerpací stanice


A washing line

Washing programmes for both small and big vehicles with the washing line Christ.


  • the state-of-the-art washing line for trucks and commercial vehicles
  • self-propelled, fully automated gantry washing line
  • suitable mainly for outdoor environment use
  • made from stainless steel
  • corrosion resistant

Our washing line cleans:

  • trucks
  • commercial vehicles
  • semi-trailers, trailers and buses of any length
  • passenger vehicles

Non-standards parts will be hand-washed at the top quality.



Price-list for washing trucks:

Vehicle: Price:
Tractor + semi-trailer (set) 700,- CZK
Flatbed + trailer (set) 700,- CZK
Flatbed up to 9 m 500,- CZK
Bus 500,- CZK
Van 250,- CZK
High-pressure chassis wash 100,- CZK/15 min.


Prices quoted including VAT.


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