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For our truck transport service we use vehicles of DAF and Scania brand in following numbers:


  • 14 trucks of 90 cubic metres volume and 24 tons load capacity (internal height 2,75m)
  • 14 trucks of 100 cubic metres volume and 24 tons load capacity (internal height 3m)
  • 20 trucks of 35 cubic metres volume and 6.5 tons load capacity


We offer the load insurance up to CZK 7 million . Through WEBDISPECINK software it is possible to locate our tucks in real time. This system enables our customers to chose the most suitable vehicle for their next shipment. It refers to both, national and international transport. We are also able to plan the complete shipment route and optimize it automatically. The application WEBDISPECINK also enables the shipment tracking, and checking its actual process.


We are able to transport shipments from the size of a small parcel up to 25 tons load.


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